Modulo Typeface

While at LCC during my final year, I designed and developed this algorihtmic grid-based typeface using hand-drawn sketches and Illustrator for the concept stage, then moved to Glyphs to make all 168 typefaces across all styles and all weights.

At a later stage, I then went on to make a few printed artifacts to display the typeface.

If you would like to use the typeface, please get in touch.

Each letterform is based on a 128-grid square. Default tracking and baseline/line heights are set to follow a perfect square grid.

The rounded style was drawn entirely manually as Glyphs' optical auto correction was adding extra lead-in space (pushing back the positional vertex, and scaling the tangent vertex) which is what you would want in a typical scenario.

Since this typeface is meant to be used in layers, basiljs was a great tool to programmatically lay out my type in InDesign without human error.