Why does this website look so basic?

Well to be completely honest, I was tired of a few things: redesigning my portfolio website every few years to fit the current trends, paying a couple of hundred dollars every year for hosting, domain registration and content management through Squarespace, and investing a lot of effort into maintaining an "online presence".

So I decided to go the opposite way - a super simple site that is easy to maintain, cheap to host and runs locally to show to people without Internet.

The site uses PHP for templating, has strictly no Javascript/Google Analytics and the CSS weighs 3kb.

If instead of spending 552$ over 3 years on Squarespace, I had put that money on BTC, I'd be enjoying an extra 3138$ in my investment portfolio.

Now I spend 60$/year on hosting and have full control over my website.

My only social media presence is on Linkedin.